2019 Gina Health LLC, designed by Kat Usop 

We are in this, together.

Coping with Stress.

GINA is your self-care companion, providing you with personalized healing tracks to help you manage your daily stress, one day at a time.

We aspire to empower you to take control of how you want to live your life without the hurdles of stress and anxiety. 

You are not alone, you've got this!


This is how GINA works with you.


Assesses your coping mechanism. Assigns a personalized track.


Recommends daily self-care activities to lessen stress.


Match you to services and folks that care.

Who is Gina?





Our Motivation

We've all been there...stressing out, alone. Unable to deal with the racy worries and the frustrations we experience. 

It is our personal commitment to provide people from different backgrounds an avenue to tackle stress and anxiety as precise as possible. Wherever, whenever.


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Kat Usop, BME, MSHI

CEO, CoFounder

Bryan Arkwright.png

Bryan Arkwright, MHA

COO, CoFounder

Advisory Board

Steven N Scoggin.png

Steve Scoggins, MD

Clinical Advisor

President, CareNet of North Carolina, Subsidiary of NCBH at North Carolina Baptist Hospital

Bob Burton.png

Robert "Bob" Burton

Advisor – Veteran Track

NC DEFTECH Senior Manager

W.Spivey Headshot.png

Will Spivey

Marketing Advisor

  • President & Founder of Maxcom Creative Thinking

  • Provides C-Level marketing and strategy advisory services, including new product

  • development and new market entry

  • Served as SVP for a $130 million self-sustaining not-for-profit involved in directing

  • business operations, marketing and business development

Luis Chamorro.png

Luis "Chewie" Chammoro

Advisor – Veteran Track

  • COO - Go By Truck