6 core values for a helpful support peer in the times of COVID-19

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Millions of people are currently experiencing unprecedented circumstances due to COVID-19. Isolation, quarantine, city confinement, and strict curfew have definitely taken a toll on us.

We are all in need of someone to hear us out, support us, and be there during difficult times. This is the very reason why we've built GINA beta app. We are currently testing the efficiency of our core features. Feel free to join the wagon! (download directly via https://meetgina.co )

Alright, if you are willing to become a support peer to folks who are equally looking for you. These 6 core values extracted from mind.org.uk are surely helpful to get you started:

  1. Experience in common - support peers and users who seek to match to support ought to have a baseline of common background, experiences, and affinity in characteristics. Let's build Empathy!

  2. Safety - the whole notion of getting matched with a support peer is to feel safe in all aspects, especially emotionally.

  3. Choice and control - users and support peers have the total choice, control, power to choose whether to interact or stop. Please be considerate, especially during stressful episodes.

  4. Two-way interactions - receive, and give support to each other. We are but humans.

  5. Human connection - profound encounters foster empathy, and meaningful connections. Cherish it.

  6. Freedom to be oneself - Once a safe space is established, let's make sure a non-judgemental, humane. and authentic connection is established within the GINA platform.

Stay safe, stay well everyone!


A visual person? watch our insta-stories explaining these 6 core values via https://instagram.com/ginahealth.co

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