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GINA Health COVID-19 Statement

As the team at GINA Health responds to the ever-changing effects of the coronavirus disease or COVID-19, we are committed to providing the GINA community of users, early adopters, strategic partners, investors, and  supporters everywhere with up-to-date information, resources and answers regarding its impact on your journey with stress and anxiety.

We are currently fast-tracking development with an expedited launch of the GINA Health Beta application and incorporating coronavirus / COVID-19 and pandemic elements focused on an individual’s self-care journey to manage stress and anxiety.

We are here for you! Our team’s passion runs deep with a sense of purpose to connect one another, regardless of the quarantine restrictions and social distancing present in many countries and US communities. Connecting and empowering communities and individuals to face the increased stress, anxiety, and isolation due to this pandemic is our number one priority.

GINA Health will be sharing updates on development and beta application launch in the coming days and weeks. Please stay tuned to access and leverage the GINA Health beta application.


The GINA Health Team

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